4 things that you should not feed your dog and maybe you’re doing it

Dogs have an increasingly important role in our lives, we share many moments with them and their presence has become widespread even in large cities. You can go on a trip with us, to some beaches, to bars and restaurants and there are even special bakeries for them!

However, despite all the positive effects of this greater presence of dogs in our daily lives, we must always bear in mind that they are not human and therefore their habits and especially their food should not be the same as ours. under any concept. As animals and as dogs, their diet must follow specific guidelines, in addition to their size, age and constitution.

Providing inadequate nutrition to our dog can have very damaging and even lethal consequences for him. Foods such as chocolate, coffee and tea (highly irritating to the stomach of our dog), avocado and raw fish are some of those we should avoid.

Our best friend needs first and foremost a diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates, whose proportion in their diet will vary depending on their characteristics: age, size, breed (or breed crossing), rhythm of life … The veterinarian will provide us with the keys to find the diet that best suits our dog.

Size is the first factor that will differentiate our dog’s diet. If it is small in size, it has a faster metabolism, so (and depending on its level of activity) it may need up to twice as many calories as other larger dogs, despite the general belief. Therefore, you will need a diet high in carbohydrates and fats.

If, on the contrary, our dog is a big man, it will have a slower metabolism, but also (usually) a greater appetite. You will need more protein and less fat, as many of these dogs tend to get fat easily.

In short, how our dog will mark his ideal diet, but there is something that is common for everyone: those foods that should not eat. We tell you some of them

1. Mushrooms

As for humans, some of the fungi and mushrooms found outdoors are also toxic to dogs. Keep your eye always attentive during your walks in the forest, and before any suspicion that the dog has ingested any unknown mushroom, immediately go to the vet.

2. Foods with a lot of salt

We refer mainly to salty snacks, popcorn, chips, pickles … Your body does not process salt in those quantities and can be very harmful for them: from causing too much thirst and excessive urination to diarrhea, vomiting and poisoning .

3.Grapes and raisins

Although they are not toxic, they are very indigestible for dogs and will almost certainly cause vomiting, diarrhea and upset stomach. It is also not good to feed them cherries, because their bones are toxic to them.

4. Alcohol

This may seem obvious and we do not believe that anyone at this point gives alcohol to your dog, but it must be stressed at all times: alcohol is strictly prohibited for dogs and for any other animal. It can lead to death.



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