Do We Annoy Our Dogs?

Some people might have thought that dogs sometimes become really annoying. However, has anyone ever thought about if dogs think the same about us? Are we annoying to dogs? Do we do things that make their blood boil? In this article, we will mention the top 4 things that we do that can annoy our dogs.
1- Getting a tight leash
This is one of the most annoying things to dogs. Getting a tight leash to your dog or letting your dog stretch the leash tight while walking can drive your dog crazy. Once you realize that the leash size became small, please change it to a more loose one. Once you realize that the dog starts to pull the leash tight while walking, loosen this tight grip of the leash around the dog’s neck by changing your direction and speed. That will make your dog more happier.
2- The stare of a challenge
Although you might think of staring to your dog as harmless, your dog will translate this long stare into a look of challenge. This will push the buttons of your dog to become less friendly and to activate the fight mode. Therefore, avoid staring for too long at your dog (not to mention at any dog) if you would like not to annoy it and consequently if you would like it not to annoy you.
In the previous article, we tackled 2 of the most annoying things we do to dogs, which are the tight leash and staring. We continue in this article with 2 more things that we do that are provocative to our dogs.
3- Bringing an unfamiliar dog
Your dog considers your home as its power domain and kingdom. Therefore, bringing any new or strange dog or animal to it can be considered a huge breach that requires immediate action from the dog’s side to defend its kingdom. No matter how lovely or kind your dog is, try as much as you can to avoid bringing strange dogs home without a proper introduction or else you will be lighting the torch of a coming dog war.
4- Leaving the dog alone for a long time
This is a very annoying thing to dogs to the extent of heart-breaking and depression. Dogs are social creatures which much appreciate regular contact and playing. Once you leave your dog alone for a long time, it will start to develop psychological issues resulting in aggressive behavior, excessive barking and digging, or running away. Consider your dog as your little child; never leave it alone for a long time or you will lose it.



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