Can Canines Eat Bread?

A easy loaf of selfmade bread has just some components: flour, water, yeast and salt. In comparison with the mountain of components in your dog’s dry meals, bread seems like a reasonably protected meals to feed your pup, proper? Sure – however maintain on earlier than you feed Fido a complete loaf of sandwich bread.

Can Canines Eat Bread? – Typically

Our canine associates can get pleasure from bread a lot in the identical means people do, based on the AKC. White bread is completely protected on your dog to eat offered he doesn’t have any allergic reactions.

However moderation is vital right here. Feeding your dog an excessive amount of bread – or any meals for that matter – may cause digestive points. So long as he’s consuming a balanced food plan and getting loads of train, giving him bread as an occasional deal with is okay.

Whereas bread gained’t harm your dog, it gained’t assist him both. Bread has no dietary worth for dogs, and is, basically, only a filler. Its excessive carbohydrate content material may trigger your dog to achieve weight.

The Risks of Bread Dough

Whereas baked bread is okay for dogs to eat every now and then, uncooked bread dough could be lethal.

Yeast causes bread dough to rise. In an effort to get this rising impact, the dough needs to be positioned in a heat, moist place. A dog’s abdomen is simply the proper atmosphere to feed the yeast.

When dogs eat uncooked bread dough, the nice and cozy atmosphere of their stomachs trigger the dough to proceed rising, distending his stomach and releasing dangerously excessive ranges of ethanol in his bloodstream.

The strain from the rising dough may cause bloating, however it additionally causes alcohol toxicosis. Yeast breaks down sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Sure, the identical alcohol that will get you drunk.

Signs of alcohol toxicosis embrace:

Weak point
Unsteady gait

When you suspect that your dog has eaten uncooked bread dough, get him to the emergency vet instantly.

The Darkish Facet of Bread: Poisonous Components

Plain white bread is normally high-quality for dogs to eat so long as they don’t have any allergic reactions. However something apart from plain bread could be a drawback.

Flavored breads might include components which are poisonous to dogs, together with:


When you had been considering of sharing that massive loaf of garlic bread that simply got here out of the oven, assume once more. The garlic, spices and components could be lethal to your furry good friend. Garlic may cause weak spot, belly ache, diarrhea, vomiting and even collapse.

Raisins are additionally poisonous, and may trigger renal failure, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, tremors, belly ache and weak spot. Signs can seem inside 6-12 hours of consuming raisins.

Whereas some nuts and seeds are okay for dogs to eat, others are lethal. Even the so-called protected nuts and seeds can irritate a dog’s digestive system. Macadamia nuts are the largest concern, as they will trigger ataxia, weak spot, hyperthermia, vomiting and melancholy.

Some plain breads could appear innocent, however it’s nonetheless essential to take a look at the ingredient record earlier than feeding it to your dog. Xylitol is a well-liked various sweetener utilized in sugar-free meals. Whereas innocent to people, this ingredient is poisonous to dogs.

One other concern with bread is mould. Canines could also be scavengers, however moldy bread could be extremely poisonous to your pup.

When you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your dog.

Not the Greatest Deal with

Some dogs love bread, and it’s completely high-quality to provide it to your dog as a deal with now and again. Simply needless to say the excessive stage of carbohydrates in bread may cause your dog to achieve weight (people, too).

Bread gives no dietary profit to your dog, so that you would possibly take into account a more healthy various, like:

Lean meats
Peanut butter

Within the meantime, allow them to eat bread – sparsely.



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