Can Canines Eat Apricots

With regards to canine treats, fruit is all the time a controversial matter. There are many fruits which can be completely secure to feed your dog in small quantities, and there are others which can be poisonous. The place do apricots slot in? Are they secure to feed your canine buddy, or must you avoid this unique fruit?

Can Canines Eat Apricots?

Sure – however with warning. The flesh of the fruit is secure for dogs to eat, however different components are poisonous. Apricots do comprise helpful vitamins, resembling potassium and different nutritional vitamins. 

It’s most likely finest to keep away from giving your dog dried apricots or apricot jam, as each are excessive in sugar. The excessive sugar content material can result in weight achieve, diabetes and weight problems – a rising downside amongst dogs. Feeding small quantities of jam or dried apricots is ok, however don’t overdo the parts and don’t feed your pup this fruit too usually.

Potential Well being Hazards and Apricot Poisoning

Vets have reported circumstances of cyanide poisoning in dogs that ate apricots. The pit, leaves, seed and stems of the plant all comprise cyanide which is extremely poisonous to dogs. 

We don’t eat the pits, stems or leaves of the apricot plant, so there’s no have to feed these components to your dog both. 

Together with the cyanide considerations, the pits of the fruit can be a choking hazard and even trigger intestinal obstruction. 

What occurs in case your dog eats a complete apricot – seed and all? Be looking out for indicators of poisoning and be able to convey your dog to the emergency vet.

Indicators of cyanide poisoning embrace:

Dilated pupils
Issue respiratory
Vibrant crimson gums and mucous membranes
Fatigue and lethargy
Loss of life

In case your dog shows any of the above indicators, take him to the vet instantly.

Remedy for cyanide poisoning consists of intravenous hydration, oxygen and the administration of an antidote to reverse the poisonous results of the poison. Some dogs should be positioned on a respiratory machine for a number of days till the cyanide has left the physique. 

Prognosis will rely on the quantity of pit that has been ingested. If solely a small quantity was consumed, probabilities of restoration are good. But when the dog is in shock and therapy is delayed, there’s a excessive danger of dying. 

To sum up: You can feed your dog apricot, however solely the flesh of the fruit. The pit should be eliminated as a result of it’s extremely poisonous. All different components of the plant also needs to be prevented. In case your dog eats an entire apricot, contact your vet instantly.



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