Can Canines Eat Watermelon

Candy, juicy and refreshing on a sizzling summer season day, watermelons are a staple at picnics and barbeques. The fruit’s vivid pinkish-red coloration is certain to catch your dog’s consideration and pique his curiosity. You’d like to share a slice of watermelon along with your pup, however is it protected?

Can Canines Eat Watermelon?

Sure! Watermelon is a protected fruit for dogs to eat – so long as you take away the seeds and rind. Keep on with the seedless, fleshy a part of the fruit when sharing it along with your dog.

Watermelon is definitely a wholesome deal with on your dog and is loaded with vitamins. It’s low in energy (solely 50 energy per cup) and wealthy in:

Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6

And since this fruit is 92% water, it should assist your pup keep hydrated on a sizzling summer season day. 

The fiber within the fruit will assist enhance your dog’s digestive system, and potassium will preserve his coronary heart wholesome. Like every other fruit, watermelon does comprise sugar, however the fiber content material helps forestall it from being launched into the bloodstream too rapidly.

The Potential Risks of Watermelon

So long as you feed your dog the flesh of the fruit – with out the seeds and rind – it’s completely protected to provide your dog watermelon.

The seeds may cause intestinal blockage, and the rind is a choking hazard. It’s additionally arduous for dogs (and people) to digest the rind of this fruit. 

Seeds may trigger dogs to expertise:

Belly ache

In case you dog has eaten the seeds or rind of a watermelon, be looking out for these signs and make contact with your vet.

Though watermelon is a wholesome deal with, it’s essential to watch out to not feed him an excessive amount of of it. Like with every other fruit, the excessive fiber content material of watermelon may cause gastrointestinal upset. Your pup could wind up with a case of diarrhea if he gorges on some watermelon.

Chop the watermelon into small chunks for simple consuming. For comfort, you should buy pre-cut watermelon on the grocery retailer which is freed from seeds and the rind. 

It’s greatest to feed your dog a small serving of watermelon first to see how he reacts. If he tolerates it nicely, then the fruit must be fantastic to provide as a deal with.

Bear in mind to solely feed your dog pure, plain watermelon (seedless and with out the rind). Watermelon-flavored meals are sometimes loaded with sugar and different elements which may be poisonous to dogs. 



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